Why is it’s so difficult to find an excellent employee? – Part 2

This post refers to part one of the same question.

This question was posted on a LinkedIn forum for HR professionals and it constantly receives responses from around the world daily. The responses usually point the finger at Managers incompetence or HR and back and forth it goes.

However, I had a different point of view the other day about this question.

During the Global Financial Crisis of 2009/2010 I ran a Job Seeking Skills program on a volunteer basis for a local church group each week. The people that came through the program are very talented and skilled people, yet their main problems are based on internal (i.e ‘self’ issues) and external factors.

The external factors were, that despite presiding legislation, discrimination is still rife out there in the business community.

Within our Anglo Saxon society there is still a judgment that people born in another country are less able. That is one reason why managers find it difficult to find good employees. They screen them out before they get a chance.

The internal factors boil down to a lack of confidence in themselves and they don’t have the skills to market themselves effectively. That is where as a mentor I helped them on getting clarity around what they want, help them gain control of their job search process, and complete the process through a three step program. (link)

There is a double edge sword here for the main topic question.

It is difficult to find employees because the ones that are more confident and have the skills to market themselves are able to secure the job. It doesn’t actually mean that they are the better performer in the job or will produce the results that you want. It means they have better job seeking and securing skills.

Managers really need to be rock solid on ensuring they are recruiting candidates with the right behaviors to produce the results you want.

So how do you do this?

By using a predictive recruitment method and related tools you are able to ensure that you cut through poor job seeking/marketing skills and get the right person every time. Not just the better ‘sales’ man, so to speak.

Corporate Canary offer a complimentary job profile for roles that you are recruiting to ensure you are focused on the right skills AND behaviors or temperament for the job.

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