Why is it’s so difficult to find an excellent employee? – Part 1

I am active contributor on LinkedIn forum (Linked:HR(#1 Human Resources Group) and it is a great forum for discussion on all HR issues.

One of the latest has received one of the most enormous responses to a question I have seen posted since being on LinkedIn over the past four years. It is obviously a shared sentiment and many of the responses ranged from it’s the employers fault to it being the employees fault.

take a look here and add your view…..

Do you find it difficult to find excellent employees? Why do you think it is so difficult?

One of the strategies that we help our clients with is ensuring the right employee for the job role.

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1 Group: Linked:HR (#1 Human Resources Group)
2 Subject: New comment (686) on “why it’s so difficult to find an exellent employee?”

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