The Essential Musts When Creating Your Career Page Video

by Anne-Marie Orrock

Career site videos exploded onto corporate career pages in the mid 2000‘s when HR turned to the success that marketing departments where having with company branded, customer focused videos of their products and services. Actually, it was more like a smouldering fire that gradually caught on, rather than an explosion, and many companies are still warming to the idea. Ignoring the power and reach that well constructed employer branded videos can produce for your recruitment efforts is neglecting a vital part of your recruitment process.

Here is an essential guide to build sophistication, and results, into your employer brand videos.

1. Multiple Career Videos

There are tons of company career sites that have just one video. It’s time to upgrade and get serious. Granted, video was an expensive component ten years ago, costing any where between 1k – 3k for just one. Now the cost has dramatically declined these days with good quality employer brand videos ranging from a couple of hundred dollars to less than 1k.

The social media boom, has ignited a ferocious appetite by consumers and candidates alike, for fresh video content in massive proportions. Companies that espouse ‘innovation’ as a strong value, but have the same old company video playing from 5 years ago, are outwardly contradicting themselves. Especially if you have had passive candidates visiting over the last couple of years. You really need to update every 2 years.

In addition the more videos on your career site supports responsive SEO for candidates searching for you.

Attention span has decreased for video length which is pushing for more than one career site video, but a number of them in smaller ‘bite size’ lengths of less than two minutes.

2. Be Original.

It seems there is a growing number of employer branding videos that are trying to out-‘wacky’, each other and really missing the strategy behind compelling and effective career, or employer brand video’s. If I see another video of staff playing fooze-ball (ping-pong, video games, whateva!) I am going to gag. It’s soooo ‘naughties’. We are in the ‘twenty-teens’ now, yet use of video with strong employer branding components is still missing the mark. Like the awkward ‘high-five’ swipe that goes wrong. These videos are made almost like a morale booster for employees that are already at the company.

3. Be Targeted.

The kind of employer brand video you need to create for inspiring potential candidates to work with you needs to be different to a corporate video for already existing staff. Many companies made the mistake of creating an internal employer brand video for an annual sales kickoff or company team morale event, and then just whacked it on their career site.

Well constructed employer brand videos will target solving the potential problems the passive candidate is experiencing now in their reality. A good clue is the 12 Common Reasons Employees Leave A Company. Let me assure you the passive candidate is not going to leave their company for the promise of getting to have a random Nerf gun battle. Seriously.


4. Get it Professionally Produced.

Don’t try to do a home made job. First from a technical filming, editing and production perspective, but more importantly in respect to content strategy production.

Many top blue chip companies have turned to professional advertising, or production agencies to develop their corporate videos, and have still produced a flop. Don’t get me wrong, the film quality, editing, and post-production is cinema worthy flawless – they just don’t understand employer branding, so the content and critical elements of branding for emotional connection for candidates, rather than consumers, is largely missed.


5. Be Strategic

Corporate videos need to be a vehicle that takes the target audience to an action that holds value for both the employer and the candidate. Putting up a video and hoping some one will watch it is a ‘post and pray’ approach. Incorporate technology that engages and identifies your audience so you can channel them into specific ‘employment marketing’ streams. Targeted messaging can be delivered over a period of time, keeping them warm for when you need difficult positions filled. It’s not labour intensive,  you just need to build the strategy, content, and then automate. Having ‘viral-ability’ within your career site video series is also a key strategic point. Get this right and you open doors on multiple levels.

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