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Soap Box: It’s My Blog and I’ll Cry If I Want To…

Oh! Exasperation! I am glad I have a blog some days and especially you, my friend, who will kindly listen to my Soap Box gripes…

“Every body is an HR Expert. I mean EVERYONE. Or at least they THINK they are”. I recently blurted this to a business colleague and they replied, “Yes but most of us all have staff that we manage”.

Well, if you go on that theory – we all have money (to a degree) but this doesn’t make us all financial experts.  Similarly, I have a kitchen, all the equipment and ingredients, but my son will fervently attest I am no chef!

In my past in Corporate HR positions I would never have dreamt to swagger into a meeting with the executive team and lecture the Sales Director on how to develop his sales strategy. Yet common place with my HR colleagues in the profession are subjected to every Tom, Dick and Assistant IT Manager, giving their two cents worth on ‘how you should be doing HR’.

Then you get the sincerely keen and diligent manager, who really wants to make a difference to his staff who will excitedly bound into your office like a big, cuddly, black (or golden…whatever) labrador to tell you about the new ‘cutting’ edge HR practice that I ‘really should know about’. He proudly stands there like a dutiful World War II Lieutenant who has the next order message from Central Command that will change the course of the war.  He pauses for the extra dramatic effect to leave you hanging, and then says “Have you heard of salary flexible packaging? We really should be doing it”.

Damn. Why didn’t I think of that? I curse to myself sarcastically, and by the way, it’s ‘flexible salary packaging’, sweetly smiling back with gritted teeth.

Today was the final straw when I endured yet another meeting with a person who had asked me for my ‘expert’ help because they are “no expert in HR” and then banged on for the rest of the hour about what I should be doing in terms of HR practice for them. Which by the way was so 70’s you had to feel sorry for them. I started thinking, what did you want me to come here for? consultation or validation?

But I do find this a lot. Which is reflective in the many surveys, polls, and research out there reflecting that poor management is still (over and above salary) the top reasons why staff leave an organisation. Ultimately managers think they are good managers and are doing a good job.Yet management are still throwing money at ‘the problem’. In their book the problem is the staff, and literally they are pumping up the payroll bill (and the associated burden rate)  thinking it will solve the retention problems instead of investing in good (and modern) HR strategy and advice and leadership development, more to the point.

So, I have a computer, and the internet, and I view hundreds of websites each month, but I sure ain’t no web developer.

Off my chest. Now I feel better.

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