Killer Mistakes That Make Your Career Site Video A Big FLOP!

By Anne-Marie Orrock

Video. It may have ‘killed the radio star’, but is also a very powerful engagement tool in recruitment when skilfully produced. Video is an essential part of a company’s recruitment marketing effort. If you don’t have an employer brand video (or two – or ten) you simply aren’t making the effort. If you are, here are some key check points to ensure your company career site videos aren’t a flop.

Talking Heads Saying Nothing.

Many corporate video’s feature staff who have been asked to ‘say something’ about the company. This is like a testimonial. Sure they are presented well, their hair or even makeup done. Lighting is perfect. Yet there is no structure to what they are actually saying, nor a compelling vision conveyed for the audience. It’s not the staff’s fault. They haven’t been trained on what, and how, to say it. Instead they rabbit on about what they do in their job, then there is a cut to the gratuitous Nerf gun fight, or ping-pong game, then back to the bland talking head. Their dialogue is not substantiated with strategically placed, compelling triggers that are strong psychological influencers (i.e, a journey or story) that the potential candidate can strongly identify with, and then take action on.

No Call To Action.

Ok the viewer has just watched a high energy video telling them how good your company is. It then ends of with lovely shot of the building, logo, or a snazzy outtro with the company web address and… that’s it. They are left floundering on whatever site page they happen to find it on (youtube, LinkedIn, Mashable, your career page) and they don’t know what to do next. You need to channel your audience into an action. Tell them what to do, or where to go next, that will capture who is watching your video. Otherwise you could have hundreds, or even thousands of anonymous eyeballs that watch it, and move on, never to return.  A massive lost opportunity.

No ‘Lead Capture’.

In marketing talk the prize is always ‘capturing the lead’. In attracting candidates, it is capturing the passive candidate. Similar to the ‘no call to action’, investing all the time and effort into a great employer brand video, and then not securing information about who has viewed it, is completely missing the strategy behind doing a video in the first place. It is not just to make your career page look pretty. It is a vital tool to move an audience from one state to the next. From vaguely interested, to ‘I definitely would consider a conversation to explore opportunities further’. You have to invite them to do this by using the technology available to capture their interest, whilst they are burning after your video. It also is critical for building your metrics to measure effectiveness and return on investment.

Numero Uno.

There is only one video. That’s it. This is the biggest blunder of all time. Trying to encompass too much in one long video where competing messages get lost, or diluted, and leave your best efforts in the pan. Develop a series of video content that is ‘snackable’ (i.e, in small bite size pieces) and has high value. Test differing formats to find the right balance. Consider mixing entertaining, and inspirational video’s with more informative, documentary styles. Multiple videos offer the opportunity for more ‘social spread’ across various platforms, but ensure they are consistently themed and branded so there is subliminal repetition. This may be achieved through the same jingle, same intro or outtro, colours, characters or cartoon series.

No Social Proof.

These days even the biggest pop stars, with millions of hits on YouTube, need social proof on their videos. That being a community that is able to engage and comment on the content of the video. By showcasing your career site video on your career page you need to allow your internal talent community to validate it. Otherwise viewers see it as more PR hype.

Build in a comment box that allow visitors to comment. Don’t be afraid of negative reviews. You can respond to them in a positive way that provides further insight into the company internally.

These are just a few of the many mistakes companies make on their employer brand videos. To learn how to create awesome career site videos read The Essential Musts When Creating Your Career Page Video.


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