How To Make Your Career Site Video Go (Gangnam Style) Viral…

by Anne-Marie Orrock

You see career site videos on YouTube with millions of views and you think, ‘why can’t our company video get that exposure?’ Well you can. Although there are real cases of spontaneous viral videos going wild, (like pudgy, traveling guy doing a little dancey-jig in front of famous global tourist attractions) most have a decent amount of strategy, structure, and effort behind them.

Here’s what goes on behind the camera to make your career site video go viral.

Understand ‘Viral-ability’

These are the key factors that make a video go viral. In isolation there won’t be much traction, but getting all of these elements lined up, and you may just have a news worthy hit.

1. Content Is King

A good viral video tells a story. It flows and builds in strong emotion. This is the vital key to the viewer hitting the ‘share’ button. Determine the emotions you want to evoke. Humour, excitement, inspirational, contentment, revenge, or triumph over tragedy. Various emotions have higher strike rates than others. Knowing which ones do, and don’t, give you a better viral reach. This, however, is just one part of the content component. It is crucial that as an employer brand video that the right elements of your employer brand have a strong connection to the video. Otherwise it becomes a viral video, that no-one either:

a) takes further action on from a recruitment & attraction perspective, or

b) they don’t remember what company it is about or attached to.

2. Having a Marketing Plan

This is knowing the right social media sites to launch your video on. Viral videos are short lived, so we are not talking a six month plan, it is a six day plan to launch it to go viral. Use blasting software to distribute it automatically far and wide. Bloggers are really what drive career site videos to a high state of virility. The goal is to get them to write an article about it as their marketing power is ridiculous. Send it out to key bloggers in your industry, career bloggers, and blogs that align with your company products or industry is the key to have it driven to your candidate audience.

3. Product Placement

This is the best kept secret for leveraging viral videos. If you partner with well known brands, or align, but don’t compete with a complimentary brand, incorporate the product into the video in a clever way. If it takes off, then ask them to send it out to their customer data base with a PR note that says ‘look at our brand featured in this video that went viral this week’. It gives them the opportunity to stake a claim in your video, whilst propelling it further on your behalf.

4. Timing Is Every Thing

A part of the marketing strategy is the timing. People watch YouTube and search for jobs whilst they are at work. They read the news at work. Release your career site video on a Monday or a Tuesday so it has the whole working week to gain momentum. Don’t release when there is major breaking news. (e.g, Boston Marathon Bombing week was a washout) Even though you can’t anticipate it, if some thing big globally or nationally breaks, pull back on it. Avoid weekends and school holidays.

5. Short Is Sweet

The first thing people do when they click on a video is check to see how long it is. It is a watching decision maker or breaker. Ten minutes? forget it. Two and a half minutes? I’ll give it 30 seconds and ‘dull dump it’, Thirty Seconds? Yeah, might as well.

Make your video as short as possible while still keeping the heart of the story. Short videos share better. There is less guilt by the sharer.

6. Title Tips

A bad title can spell death even for the best constructed career site videos. It is a significant factor to get right. Your title needs to evoke emotions, intrigue, curiosity or inflame an individuals value system to get them to react, and then click. We are talking shock value here. A career site video title like ‘Life At ABC Industries’ is not going to get the juices flowing like ‘ABC Industries Kills 350 Employees’, or ‘Would You Let Your Child Work Here?’

I can’t guarantee you will make it into the Guinness Book of World Records with over 400 million hits (averaging 2 million per day) like Korean pop-rapper, Psy with Gangnam Style. However by applying these elements you have a fair cracking chance of a viral outcome over your competitors who aren’t doing it at all.

Get your skin into the game and revolutionise your recruitment approach.

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