Connecting With New Talent – One Click At A Time…

by Anne-Marie Orrock

Increasingly studies are showing that companies are turning up the volume on social media sites to identify and attract new talent. It is further questioned if career pages (such as Career One, & SEEK) are fast becoming old news  (like as in news paper ads) as recruiters and Human Resource professionals hire talent from LinkedIn (93%), Facebook (66%) and Twitter (54%)

You may ask yourself why is this so?

We are increasingly becoming connected and a world wide conversation is going on. ‘Conversation’ however implies a two way communication, however some companies are making the mistake of using such social medial platforms in the same way as they use job boards. It is no longer sufficient to just post a job advertisement up on your LinkedIn or Face Book company page and sit and wait for the best applicants (or passive) to take action. They won’t, not just yet.

You see there are two types of candidates out there. The first one are the potential candidates who are out of a job trawling LinkedIn & Facebook daily, in the hope of you dropping a job posting. The second is your much larger pool of secured, passive candidates who are scanning LinkedIn for items of interest whilst they are having their morning coffee, or on the bus, or train to work.

Let’s face it we are social voyeurs, and we like checking out what is going on. In France they perfect this in their cafes with all of the seats outside and facing onto the street (or Champs Elysees). We like to sit and watch. Airports. Another great example of people watching. So you need to be out there on the social media runway with items of interest about your organisation.

Passive candidates want to watch and see, and if it is not your company providing the social, super highway content, it will be a better company that will snag the best talent, who is just watching and waiting for the right move.

A boring old job posting is not going to cut it, and you need to build a wonderland for them to want to follow and then step into.
Grab Their Attention!

Recently a connection of mine on LinkedIn posted that they had a ‘pet day’  at work. Before I knew it I was landing on their careers site that had a  whole plethora of visuals of cute pooches, and even a parrot! Brilliant! As a society, a common thread that ties us together is our  love of animals. This was the hook. Their career page then took me on a journey and gave me an insight into all of the other interesting  things they do at the company. More importantly, a quick link to their media  and news section was within the careers site. It gave me the more important  ‘juice’ on where the company was really going in their market. Puppies are  fun, but security matters at the end of the day for any passive candidate considering a move.

Be smart and be strategic around your social recruiting strategy. To create a talent brand or social recruiting strategy learn more…

Anne-Marie Orrock is a leading Human Resources expert helping companies raise the level of sophistication of their HR practice and strategy through her consulting organisation Corporate Canary HR. Anne-Marie is regularly sought out for expert comment in the media on human resources, recruitment, leadership, and has featured in BOSS Magazine, Sydney Morning Herald, HR Monthly, HRD Magazine, Management Today, Dynamic Business, ELLE, Cosmopolitain, CLEO, Marie Claire, NETT#, My Business, Sun Herald. She is a consultant writer for online sites including School Hours and contributing author to the book, ‘Mind Your Own Business’ published by Mithra Publishing, in June 2012 in the United Kingdom. Anne-Marie has worked with a range of companies to develop their HR strategy including blue chip organisations such as ANZ Bank, NZI Insurance, Deutsche Bank, 3M, Symantec, PeopleSoft, Citrix Systems, Ella Bache, and NASDAQ.