Celebrity Apprentice Host Mark Bouris

5 Key Reasons Mark Bouris Says ‘You’re Fired’ On The Apprentice

The new season of Celebrity Apprentice launched this week with contestant Gabi Grecko being the first casualty of Mark Bouris’ finger point “your fired”. Surprised? We are yet to see the rest to bite the dust, but here is a recap of last season, and the reasons celebs were fired.

1. Being a Poor Leader.

Comedian Peter Berner was slammed and exited stage left very quickly in the last Celebrity Apprentice series by Bouris for not showing leadership qualities of making his team members accountable for their actions. Being a leader that keeps their team members accountable to their focus, efforts and goals is an essential leadership task. Berner also failed to manage an internal sabotaging effort by Triple World Champion Boxer Jeff Fenech, who became personally attacking towards Berner. Berner cried victim instead of calling him on it as not being a team player.

Celebrity Apprentice Host Mark Bouris

2. Poor Contribution & Effort.

TV Host Peter Everett drowned in a sea of dominating behavours by his team members and took the back bench when it came to contributing to the team efforts. Throwing his hands up and wallowing in victimhood. He self abdicated from putting his strengths and talents forward for the good of the common team goal.

3. Poor Utilisation & Engagement of Key Strengths.

Layla Subritzky, Reality TV Star, was slayed in the Fish & Chip shop project for not using her personal and celebrity status strengths to leverage the exposure of the project. With connections to some of the biggest FaceBook ’friend’ list in the entertainment industry, she failed to attracted more than a handful of people down to Bondi.

Prinnie Stevens, Urban Pop Princess was axed early in the series for the same mistake of not using her talent of singing and her pop status to draw a crowd, instead allowing herself to be directed by others and hardly shining in the shadow of mundane tasks.

4. Not Taking Responsibility.

Kym Johnson, Ballroom Dancer and current Dancing With The Stars judge failed dismally as Project Lead and was out of her depth with taking responsibility for taking charge of project direction. Instead it was going in any, and every direction according to the strongest and most dominant personalities – or what ever cat fight steered the direction.

Leadership means taking responsibility for team morale, team activities and staying on track.

5. Failing To Step Up

Peter Everette was certainly crowned the King Of Nice. “He is so lovely”, “He is really nice but so difficult to work with”, was the most common feedback from most celebrity contestants. Being nice doesn’t get the job done. So the choice of Project Manager was way out of his depth because he just didn’t have the behaviours or temperament to be effective in achieving the goals of the project. He isn’t dominant enough, he crumbled in the face of objections and was way too compliant and influenced by others to take a strong stand on anything. He was the wrong person for the job.

So how do you ensure you don’t bring a nervous nellie such as Everett or a Pop Princess that lacks drive into your organisation?

Interviewing has it’s limitations in truly knowing how well a candidate can handle real job situations. After all, an interview is a contrived situation, and the candidate will only reveal what they want about themselves. It is usually their benefits and not all of their ‘features’ so to speak.

How do you know with absolute certainty you have a good match for the positions you hire? How can you uncover the limiting factors that could cost you thousands down the track in a failed hiring exercise?